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Article (Tori) Hospital waiting times
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Public hospital waiting times

How long could you be waiting for surgery

Public hospital waiting times for elective surgeries are much longer than people think. Here are the latest median public waiting times (number of days by which 50% of patients were seen) for some of the most common elective surgeries.

Average public hospital waiting times

  • Gall bladder removal: 41 days
  • Hysterectomy: 55 days
  • Cataract removal: 85 days
  • Tonsillectomy: 97 days
  • Total hip replacement: 110 days
  • Total knee replacement: 195 days

(Source: 2016-17 Elective Surgery Median Waiting Times in Public Hospitals Private Healthcare Australia, AIHW)

What are elective surgeries?

Elective surgey is any planned surgery that can be booked in advance.

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