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7 signs you might need glasses

For most eye conditions, early detection is vital in reducing the severity of the symptoms and recommending the best course of treatment.

Often changes to your vision can be begin so slowly that you might not even notice. If you’re experiencing any of our 7 signs, we suggest making an appointment at Health Partners Optical.

7 signs it’s time for an eye test

  1. Can’t see clearly when looking into the distance, like driving or watching TV
  2. Having difficulty reading up-close
  3. Getting headaches when reading or working on the computer
  4. Experiencing any eye pain or discomfort
  5. Vision problems when wearing your current glasses
  6. Difficulty seeing at night
  7. Trouble adjusting from dark to light

Even if you have perfect vision, our optometrists still recommend getting your eyes tested every two years if you’re under 65 years old, and every year if you’re over 65. But if you notice any changes in your vision, no matter how small, it’s important to see our optometrists as soon as possible.

Is it time to get your eyes checked?

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